ALMA ANGEL RING (Pet Treatment) [AR0088]

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    Very Satisfied
    By Kelly Brown
    I used this for my pets and it smells lovely! Touching is very soft and their hair became shiny, but it's not oily at all. I've never experienced this touching before. Most I love about this Alma Angel Ring is...I use this not only as treatment for my pets but also as hair water for fixing their bed heads and mine. To make a hair water, I add this (20ml) to the Alma Water. It really works well and I'm very satisfied.

    One thing I want to ask is... I want Lavender or Rose smell of Alma Angel Ring!
    Seller's response
    Thank you for your kind review! We are very happy to hear that you are very satisfied with Alma Angel Ring. And yes, you can make a hair water with Alma Water and Alma Angel Ring. Also here's an advice for you, if you love Lavender or Rose smell, you can add and mix a half or a drop of organic or natural Lavender or Rose essential oil into the Alma Angel Ring bottle. Please enjoy washing your pet hair and body with our Alma Angel Hair and Alma Angel Ring!