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We can send you the Alma Water as below.

2 bottles weight is 700g. The shipping fee will be "by 1kg".
I recommend you to buy 2 not 1.

5 bottles weight is 1,750g. The shipping fee will be "by 2kg".
I recommend you to buy 5 not 3.

8 bottles weight is 2,800g. The shipping fee will be "by 3kg".
I recommend you to buy 8 not 6.

11 bottles weight is 2850g. The shipping fee will be "by 4kg".
I recommend you to buy 11 not 9.

14 bottles weight is 4,900g. The shipping fee will be "by 5kg".
I recommend you to buy 14 not 12.

Check other products weight.

To buy 1 product, to buy less than 1000g (1kg) will cost the same shipping cost due to the postal system. The shipping fee depends on the total weight.

So we suggest you to purchase quantity for yourself and your friends. Then you can share the shipping cost with your friends.

Have a good shopping at Almaz Alma International!

Purchase Points

You can earn, save, use points when you shopped for the discount!

Members: 3 points per JPY1000
Silver: 5 points per JPY1000
Gold: 8 points per JPY1000
Platinum: 10 points per JPY1000

And Review: 10 points per 1 review.

Discount Rate:
1 points = JPY1

You can use the points from 1 point to 2000points per once for your purchase.

Valid Period:
Point are valid for 1 year.

Here is our facebook page "Almaz Alma International".

We will have our team pages and they are coming soon.

The shipping method is International Air Shipping by EMS or SAL from Japan.

is International EXPRESS Shipping and will take about 5-10 business days but depend on the country.

is also an International Shipping but NOT EXPRESS. It will take about 7-14 business days but also depend on the country.

Large quantity, please ask us at

1. Click the "Sign Up" button.

2. Fill in the requirements.

3. Select the membership.

If you select the retailer membership, I will check and approve later. I will let you know when the registration completed. Until the registration complate, please be patient to be able to shop as a retailer.

Thank you!